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Extermination of cockroaches

In Quebec, cockroaches are better known as coquerelles. The German cockroach is the most common species found in homes, apartments, etc. As the cockroach has a very large reproductive capacity it can be found in anyone's home, rich or poor. It is not a sign of uncleanliness when you have cockroaches at home, but because we brought them without noticing, buying packaged food or providing shelter or water, in short, everything a cockroach needs to live, it will survive and multiply.


Young cockroaches or nymphs measure between 1/8 and 1/2 inch (0.2 to 1.2 cm) and adults about ½ inch (13-16 mm). Adult cockroaches are light brown-to-yellow coloured and have 2 black bars on the back and they have wings.

Signs of the presence of cockroaches

If you have cockroaches, you might see them run for their lives at night when you turn on the light. Cockroaches also leave droppings, eggs and skin remains after moulting. If you notice a musty smell or you see cockroaches in plain daylight this means that your home is infested. That's when you need to contact a professional exterminator.

Reproductive cycle

The cockroach can lay 30 to 40 eggs at a time; eggs that will become adults after 60 days. The cockroach is able to lay eggs four to five times in its life that lasts between 3 and 6 ½ months. This means that it has an amazing ability to reproduce.

Habitat and habits

Cockroaches love to live in warm and damp places such as kitchens and bathrooms because they need water to survive. Cockroaches preferably hide in small slits near a kitchen cabinet, a sink or a wet place and they spend most of their time there. They are nocturnal and eat everything, including soap, toothpaste, glue, etc. Cockroaches move from one apartment to another in order to survive or also when repellent products have been deposited in their customary habitat.

Health risks

Not only do cockroaches inspire disgust but, as they are present in trash cans and other contaminated sites, bacteria cling to them and can infect food and materials with which they are in contact.

Among the bacteria that cockroaches carry there are the salmonella that can cause severe diarrhea, E. coli, streptococcus (responsible for pneumonia) and some worms and even viruses causing polio. Cockroach droppings can cause allergies and breathing difficulties.

All about cockroaches

The cockroach is an extremely resilient insect that adapts to all environments. It is found in abundance in certain areas of Montreal, but one can see them anywhere.

Over the years, the exterminators have excessively sprayed contaminated sites, so much so that cockroaches have developed resistance to chemicals. Thus, for our extermination to be effective, we need to use products that are less toxic than before, but that are actually effective and less harmful than the products once used.




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