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Extermination of rodents (mice and rats)


Rodents are mammals that raise most of the disgust and fright reactions to our customers. They reproduce at 2 months and this, every 40 to 50 days, with a range from 4 to 7 little ones. However, one should not panic and consider selling one's home on the influence of an emotion because Exterminateur P.M. can solve this problem quickly and to your satisfaction.

Damage caused by rodents

Rats and mice can transmit diseases by messing up food with their urine and feces. They attack jars and containers of all kinds, especially if they are made of a brittle material such as paper, plastic and wood, They leave relatively large bitten chunks while mice leave smaller pieces whose sides are sharper.

Signs of the presence of rodents

If you see small droppings of feces or pieces of devoured food in your home you can be assured that there is a presence of rats and/or mice. It is therefore important to inspect the places where you found these indices to know exactly which rodent is present in your home, where it made its nest and the path it follows to enter your home.

As soon as the presence of rodents in your home has been ascertained, we recommend that you notify Exterminateur P.M. so that prompt action can be taken to exterminate this vermin in your home.


Habits and behaviour

The mouse is mainly active at night and loves to look for food and water during this period since it feels safer then. Because the mouse is omnivorous, that is to say, it eats everything, it takes advantage of every opportunity to get into the storage areas. The mouse likes to build its nest near food to restrict its movements to within 50 inches (1,50 m) from its nest. Mice love seeds but they can go as far as to eat their own excrements. You can hear its presence by the scratching sounds it makes as it moves, besides the excrement it leaves behind. The mouse also emits squeaks to communicate with others. The mouse is nervous and runs away when it sees you. Moreover, the mouse is curious and goes to see what seems to it to be something new in its habitat. If the mouse finds something different, more specifically food, it will approach it, feel it and eat a minimum quantity of it. According to the reactions that this food will cause, the mouse will return (or not) to its usual route.

Dangers of infestation by mice

When the mouse invades your home, it eats your food and contaminates it. The mouse eats almost anything, including substances such as plastic, cables, soap, etc… This is why you need to monitor your containers and shelter them.



In Quebec there are two types of rats: the brown rat (the Norway rat), which is quite common and the black rat. The brown rat measures 9 to 10 inch (25 cm). Its tail is thin and shorter than its body. It can live for 2 to 3 years and builds its nest in wet areas such as crawl spaces or around buildings. The black rat is smaller (about 8 inches or 20 cm) and can live for 3 to 4 years. It establishes its living quarters in attics, voids between the roofs, in castings, etc. Both species absolutely need water to survive.

In the field of extermination, there is a world of difference between rats and mice. In Montreal, for example, there are as many rats in the sewers as there are people in the city and the presence of rats within a home is almost always connected to a plumbing problem.

In contrast, mice are equally at home in Montreal neighbourhoods as in the suburbs. That is why at  Exterminateur P.M. we always try to determine the source of the problem, that is to say, the rodent's entry point.

All about rodents


The mouse is the most common rodent in our homes. For many centuries it has been accustomed to live with humans. Most of our customers are horrified by mice and are even disgusted to see them in their home. The mouse has poor eyesight, but its hearing, sense of smell and tact are very developed. To help you recognize it you should know that it is about 2 ½ to 4 inches (6.5 to 9.5 cm) long. From the age of 5 to 7 weeks the mouse is able to reproduce. Gestation lasts about 3 weeks and can give 3 to 12 little ones. A simple opening of ¼ inch is enough to let the mouse enter your house and make her nest there.

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Rats build nests outdoors , in thick shrubs located mostly near the foundations of houses. The diameter of the nests varies between 2 ½ and 3 ¼ inches (6-8 cm).

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More than 20 years of experience! Call us now at 514-817-6463