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Problems caused by insects and rodents

The infestation of a home by rodents or insects is primarily a threat to the health and safety of people who live there. The smell that emanates from certain infestations (with bugs and rats for example) can be embarrassing and lead to the eviction of tenants who do not take care of this problem. Owners can be accused of obstructing public hygiene and their homes will be described as unhealthy, and thus uninhabitable. An infestation of cockroaches or bed bugs can also be the cause of a visit by a representative of Public Health if the landlord does not fix this problem with an effective extermination.

If one has questions about the health of occupants attacked by insects, one must first consider insect bites, especially bee and wasp stings that can be very serious and sometimes fatal, depending on the bite area (e.g. the mouth) and the reaction of the person stung. Note that most of the time these bites cause local pain and swelling that disappears after a few days. Fleas and bedbugs bite when present in large numbers, but their bites are less harmful to humans. In addition, they are sufficiently unpleasant (severe itching) so as to call an experienced exterminator.

Let's not forget about the rodents, especially rats, which can transmit diseases such as salmonellosis. This microbial infection primarily affects the digestive system and causes diarrhea, vomiting and high fever. When rats are present in a home, there generally is water infiltration because rats like wet environments. This overly high humidity causes the appearance of mould. Pregnant women, infants, the elderly or those with respiratory problems are most at risk of mould allergies.

Fungi, which belong to the mould, attack materials and render them unusable. Therefore, a house can lose value or become simply unsellable if the mould problem is widespread or too important.










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