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Extermination of spiders


Spiders are not part of the group of insects, but rather of the class of arachnids which are seasoned predators. Their body consists of a head, an abdomen and 8 legs. It is estimated that there are about 40,000 different kinds of spiders on earth of which about 700 live in Quebec. Spiders are useful beings since they eat large quantities of insects, including harmful ones.

Housing and health risks

Some people develop a phobia of spiders, a fear that is without foundation since it is rare for spiders to bite humans.

Among the species listed, we do not find any poisonous spiders in Quebec. Spiders are found everywhere in nature. However, some species are found in homes and buildings. The spiders that live near people use the gardens to live or breed there. Also, when we build a garden around our home, we offer an entry to spiders that lodge in plants, furniture and other corners to weave their webs.

Mode of reproduction

Spiders lay eggs which they envelop in a silk cocoon to protect them. After hatching the spider goes through several moults before becoming an adult. The web of spiders is also useful for catching insects and keep them prisoner to eat them afterwards.

All about spiders

In the event that your home would be infested with spiders a qualified exterminator can completely treat your home outside as well as inside, applying odourless, safe and highly effective products that will resolve the problem quickly.










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